Books you recommend?


Wheel of Time Series
A long read, but you’ll be hooked. Up to book 11 at the moment.

The Alchemist
One of the best selling books in history


Lol, I just re-read the ‘Tomorrow when the war began’ series. Shit was surprisingly cash.


Jefferey Deaver - The Blue Nowhere


Lol, I got the first book next to my bed atm. Only like 100 pages in though.

TIL Sweezy reads books.


I just watched the movie the other night, and remembered I read the book.
The book is better.


You’ve earned some respect for this


The lost Symbol.
one of the reasons I’m where I am today.
the richest man in Babylon.


Magician, the first book of the Riftwar saga by Raymond E. Feist. Ahh so good.


the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy series
girl with the dragon tatoo series
game of thrones series


Dean Koontz books


I love to read book. I always carry book with me at every place were do i go which currently i am reading. here i had listed some of my favorite book ever i had read. hope you all will like it.







Ready Player One - Ernest Cline
A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
The Beach - Alex Garland

Aaaand, you should all read the Watchmen graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Definitely.

Also, bump.


Way Of Kings - Brandon Sanderson


Million little pieces by icantremember


By James Frey? Yes, so good. The sequel’s not too bad either, My Friend Leonard :smiley:



01-01-00 by R.J. Pineiro

Cool adventure surrounding the Y2K bug. ehh


The Stormlight Archives are amazing. Definitely my top fantasy series and easy to read, great shit in this and great character development. The third book (Oathbringer) is just about to be released :smiley:

Gotta thank @Slict and @GreyCloud for getting me into these.

I picked up Wheel of Time again recently since I stopped at book 10 (kek… posted about it in 2011)
Part way through book 12 atm.


Just started this book, dunno if I’d recommend it since I’m only a few chapters in. Also I’m biased towards afterlife/heaven/hell type shit.

People die and wake up on another planet. There’s like a gazillion planets and they’re more like staging areas for people to go before they are granted the ability to actually die. Some people only die a few times, but most die heaps as. You will wake up at a different age in your life if you die. So you could wake up as a child or an oldass. The main character is unaware that he is special in the way in which he can die and wake up and it’s why some of the key players in the story so far are so obsessed with his average lookin ass.

Didn’t really look at the cover properly until now but it looks a bit different to what I have in my head. oh well