Computer Specs



Stepping and power saving options have been disable. The mobo Automatically wanted to set it to 3.4 and I agreed it was a good place to start while waiting on a new cooler.
Turns out that the bracket for my old and and the bracket on the backs of these boards don’t make things easy. Oh well Will be investing in something bigger newer and shinier[/quote]

water-cool mofo




Sandy I7 2600k @ 4.6Ghz
CL8 1600 8gigs of ram
Asus ENGTX 560 TI OC DCII @ 900

Cpu temps sitting @ 20degrees idle, 45degrees 100% load



Nice build there Scrax.


new specs


New Shet up.

Took 2gb of RAM out tho lol


And my other computer:


Just built this last weekend.


So this means you’re going to come play Battlefield and Quake with us, yes?


You 50x clocked your i7?! WTF LOL! What type of cooling do you have?


Uh, maybe? :-/ I don’t actually own Battlefield, you know.

I do own Left 4 Dead 2… and Minecraft… and other stuff…

I have a Cooler Master V8. It’s incredibly massive, but it does a great job. When the CPU is running at 5GHz and 100% usage, it still only reaches 60C. It idles at about 25C. :slight_smile:


I know you make good money…
May as well just wait for BF3 though.


How much did this set you back?


Been using my laptop very sadly to play my games since my old gaming machine just died on me :confused: i know its not epic but i can still play Crysis 2 and other games mainly for LAN’s etc contemplating getting BF: BC2 but not sure it’s my style since i semi fail with shooters and also that its unlikely that i could run it on my machine haha however besides games I mainly have to use this for uni so its not too bad just for what I need and given that i fiend Minecraft a lot, hence the avatar, its adequate but am looking into getting a solid desktop just not sure how what to get for my price range :confused:


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Good idea, going to wait for BF3.

All the moneys.


[quote=“BlinK, post:13, topic:1150”]
How much did this set you back?[/quote]

I’m just going to note in here that he doesn’t have a car yet…


[quote=“Fluffy, post:16, topic:1150”]

I cant be fucked getting my license and im 18 almost 19 and I spend money on my PC, but I would prefer a PC over a car lol.


I love my car more than my PC. Really. It blinds people with it’s badassery and dashing looks, while strutting it’s octagon stuff in a curvy world.
My PC on the other hand, well… it provides me with enough information to fill my mind with the knowledge of world’s wonders and converse with the most interesting of people!
But then again I have to talk to you lot as well. Just not enough character to compare you see.



I find this place to be rather interesting, that is if people post new topics.


My comp: 2.5GHz quad core processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 500GB HD, AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics with 512MB of dedicated memory and some other cool shit too