Computer Specs


im thinking of getting for my desktop like a sbi3/5 around 2.5-8GHz, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1tb HDD and some kind of medium gfx card which should work well :smiley:
oh and a case i guess :stuck_out_tongue:


Jesse’s new computer we just finished :smiley:






I’m wondering if I might have to upgrade my gfx card for BF3


I’m wondering if I’ll need another 590 lol


Lol SLI-590’s are the minimum recommended for BF3 doesn’t everybody know that?


Isn’t SLI 590 only if you’re running it 800x600? To run at 1920x1080 you need quad sli and the machine has to be stuffed with $100 bills…


Er the fault line videos were recorded on only 1 580GTX but you’re more than welcome to throw your money into the bin.


Yup, the videos so far were shown on a 580 GTX were not on the highest graphic setting. I know a 590 will be fine. I’ll try and make my sarcasm easier to understand in the future k?


This thing appears to be broken, N’Hey.


Wait, so you thought stuffing a machine with money would legitimately make it run faster?


Are you telling me stuffing money into it the machine doesnt make it run faster?!


The recommended aren’t out yet. Yes the Alpha & beta footage is shot on a 580GTX & that isn’t the highest setting, but they could reduce it, or redefine the GUI to reduce the maximum.

Age of Conan had super high requirements until patches made the game run better & smoother. even driving down requirements


But you can get limited edition Star Wars Episode 3, The Phantom Menance PC’s that have light sabers as neons.


I approve.


new gfx card finally


my old POS :smiley:


Got a 960 a while ago, and this thread deserves a bump

Also blew a stick of ram, I’ll grab another sometime :<