Cryptocurrency thread


I’m going to see if anything comes from it.
Will pick a few coins from here and will update this thread with how it goes:




Eth coins are goiiing uppp
Like 144 USD atm :X

This is another bitcoin thing when I wish I had bought more.


Won’t be splitting across currencies yet, will do it in another payday
I have 2 Eth sitting there atm, and have been watching the charts happily

also this site is useful for deciding on what currency exchange to use:

These are also interesting to look at sometimes:


XRP could be good
(this better not be one of those posts I make then forget to do and look back on in a couple of years)


Ripple and Stratis looking like strongest contenders atm
Bitstamp might be best place for purchases


Reddcoin is $0.002272
Wonder if this’ll jump up


Checking out Bittrex as an exchange since it has a few of what I’m looking at.


Currently starting off slow:
3094 ReddCoin @ $0.00226 USD = ~ $7 USD (RDD/USD)
440 Siacoin @ $0.0153 USD = ~$6.73 USD (SC/USD)
30 Ripple @ $0.2528 USD = ~ $7.50 USD (RIP/USD)

Someone remind me when I’m rich


Hmm some others I might look into:


“ANS has the potential to become the Chinese ethereum. Word is they are releasing their updated smart contracts on June 22. Apparently it’s the only block chain to meet Chinese govt approval”

This sounds too good to pass up on.


I’m thinking come pay day, Stellar and AntShares getting some love


2 Posts ago when I mentioned Antshares it was at ~$1.60 USD
Now up to $3.75 USD

I did get some. This will be an interesting ride.


Antshares now at $5.09 USD
Good tip, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Antshares whitepaper, explaining it’s tech:



Antshares :kissing_heart:


To the moon!


How do I buy … the money (?) currency?

Come payday I want to show the love


In the past I’ve used VirWox:

  • Buy SLL (A lot of payment services are a bit iffy about purchasing BTC direct)
  • SLL to BTC
  • Send your BTC to whatever exchange you want (I use Bittrex)

Lately though, I’ve just been seeing if people I know online want to sell their BTC.
Otherwise there’s a few sites for NZ, but I haven’t looked at them too much yet: