Get out and vote


I do care who you vote for…
But I care more about whether you do vote.

So get out there and tick a couple of boxes, it’s not difficult and you get a cool sticker.




I voted in that previous three elections but that’s no excuse for not voting in this one. Very slack and I’m sorry. My excuse is that I was going up and down Mt Ruapehu. Two of us hadn’t voted and we planned to do it in Ohakune. There were voting stations out there but we just didn’t go because we’re shitheads. We woke up and discovered National could probably win and blamed each other for not voting. He was Greens and I was gonna go Labour or pisstake it like I did the last three times.


this is all your fault

nah, ggz. Hope Labour+Greens get in.
We will see


Labour + NZF + Greens
Interesting times

Looking forward to what policies made it through.