Indie Games


Some of the indie games that come out are pretty good.
I mainly like multiplayer ones, but post what you think looks good/what you’ve been jamming lately.


Lately I’ve been playing Terraria (if you can even call that Indie any more)
But I think I’ll give this a bit of a jam later:

also currently a Steam sale woop woop


I end up playing Transformice! whenever I go to my sisters house and her kids wanna see me finesse that shiiiieeeet all the way to the cheese and back. But is it indie?


ayyy, good ol’ transformice. Wonder if I still have my account with all my stuff.

This Human: Fall Flat game is amazing. We had 5 people jamming it (you can have up to 8) and the puzzles start getting pretty intense.


Looks like heaps of fun but I know I’d get maybe 12 frames per second also im ADSL nub . Just downloaded The Guides Axiom on mobile and it’s very fun. Cool puzzles. Made by 2 guys apparently.