Discussion about movies =]
Watched Book of Eli last night twas quite good plus Mila Kunis is hawt :stuck_out_tongue:




Saw ‘The Losers’ the other day…
Pretty cheesy but well filmed and a good watch.


Turns out Eli’s book is just a bible. Some twist, it even says it in the trailer.


Everyone’s probably already seen this, but Gran Torino is a good movie.


I agree, Gran Torino is pretty awesome.

I watched Ip Man 1&2 last weekend, awesome


I’ve been meaning to download Ip man. Haven’t got round to it yet though.


Yeah me too I’ve been told so many times to watch it.


Quite like some of the old movies, Saint Elmo’s fire etc… Enjoy them alot more than todays movies.
But there are alot of others there I quite like.


Most of it’s new stuff, I lost all my old stuff in a format =[[


Lost most of my stuff when my laptop screwed up.




Where are your favourite movies Dirty?


If you’re into fighting movies i recommend undisputed :slight_smile: just watched undisputed 3 the other day good watch also IP man 2 was pretty good


i watched

paid in full
tupac resurrection
slum dog millionaire (again)

last night


[quote=jayrx]i watched

paid in full
tupac resurrection
slum dog millionaire (again)

last night[/quote]

And what is your review, sir?


lol @ Eclipse DVDrip - good watch btw - no homo
Burn After Reading and The Men Who Stare At Goats weren’t as good as I thought.

Fight Club is still my number one flick.


Fix’d! :cool:



But nice movie collection there anywho.


That’ll be a bit of a mish, sorting them by release date. And thanks.

V for Vendetta was pretty okay.