I can respect jew if u can watch 2 and a half something hours of constant killing


Better one





This movie looks farking sweet. srsly.

Good song too.


I quite enjoyed Due Date.
Reminded me of Clerks. Mostly 2 people talking to each other… need more movies like it, how old movies were made too.



Lol… That looks like B-Grade crap tbph… :expressionless:


I knoooow, but it’s been a while since I’ve had a good sitting of watching lots of destruction in a movie.


That being said you reminded me Hobo with a shotgun came out!



Got the R5 of it - It’s alright, waiting for proper DVDRiP.[quote=Fluffy]That being said you reminded me Hobo with a shotgun came out!

Is that any good? like really? apart from all the gore and shit.


Saw some shitty movie called Kidulthood which you guys who like Skins might like. Pretty much a movie version of skins, complete with a preggo black chick and that guy who plays the tool in the first 2 series.

Need good moooooovies nao



4.5kb/s wut




It was actually frozen lol. It was downloading fine last night with a 1 hour ETA. I go to sleep and wake up and it’s at 9 hours ETA. I left it for like an hour and checked it again and it was still at 200/349 Mb, so I just canceled it. :frowning:


Just about to watch It’s All Gone Pete Tong.

Mate from uni said it was really good.
It’s about Frankie Wilde, " a legend within the Ibiza club scene for being the most inspired DJ around" most DJ’s around now look up to him. Tiesto, Armin all those dudes. He set the scene back in the day.
And he became deaf at one point, but still DJ’d and made music.

Also he parties harder than Charlie Sheen.


I loved that movie, it’s pretty bloody good.

Funny enough the only reason I first got it is because me and my mate have n inside joke to do with pete tong.

The movie has almost nothing to do with Peter Tong IIRC.


Watching Paranoid Park right now.
Pretty sweet


Yeah when he told me about it I was like wha-da fock, Pete Tong?

ah well, random name aside, definitely looking forward to watching it.


Ok so it was a kick ass movie.

DEFINITELY watch it if you guys can.

Inspiring stuff (Y) (L)