[quote=MonoChroma]Just about to watch It’s All Gone Pete Tong.

Mate from uni said it was really good.
It’s about Frankie Wilde, " a legend within the Ibiza club scene for being the most inspired DJ around" most DJ’s around now look up to him. Tiesto, Armin all those dudes. He set the scene back in the day.
And [color=green]>he became deaf at one point,[/color] but still DJ’d and made music.

Also he parties harder than Charlie Sheen.[/quote]


That’s right son.

He became a deaf person.
Then proceeded to make one of his best albums, and DJ like a god.

Watch it.
He’s like the Sid Vicious of dance music, except he doesn’t cut himself or OD.


Just watched The Sunset Limited. The never ending argument of religion.


I’m just about to watch this:


Ichi the Killer, Cold Fish, Visitor Q, Audition and Suicide Club.
God I love Asians.


Bitch be crazy man.


this was 2007. But still one of my favs


If you haven’t seen it, fucking see it. :cool:


I’ve been lurking here for a while getting Idea’s for movies to watch. Seen a few good ones on here, So my turn to contribute.
I watched this last night well I was tripping over my feet. Fantastic tale.


If you are a Fan of ET: the extra terrestrial. you might like this film when ET comes back all grown up and pissed off and ready to fuck shit up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Recently watched a decent version of this Film. It’s kinda like a alternative prequel to the planet of the Ape’s films. I though it was quiet well done.
Worth a watch if your into the planet of the apes films. (Y)


If you havent seen it yet:
It’s a great film I swear.


Lol I hated that owl movie, but it looked badass.

Went to see Final Destination 5 last night. So many lols


You… you hated it?


Maybe hate was too strong a word =/


[quote=“Fluffy, post:35, topic:104”]

[quote=Church]Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
[/quote]Thankyou for naming this.
I’ve been hunting it down since I was so young…[/quote]

I watched this the other night, and it was awesome. (I’d never actually seen the ending)
Even my friends loved it.

And I also watched Red Riding Hood, which was surprisingly an okay movie.


The Protector, and Bangkok Knockout.



That restaurant scene.


New film that came out called “terri” was a great watch.