OMG Four lions haven’t seen that in ages its so funny


Seriously if you haven’t watched this yet do so.
It’s amazing. Undisputedly one of my favourite movies of all time.


Watched this last night. The main Characters are legit Bosses and there is a nice kinda suttle Moral to it :stuck_out_tongue:



Anyone seen I Spit On Your Grave


The original? Fuck yes, hello like 4 brutal gang rape scenes within 30 minutes. That shit’s intense.
I want to see the remake


yeah I was watching this clip…
took me a while to realise it was a movie. lol.



Anyone seen Sourcecode?


Yeah got it on my PC, its pretty cool.

Concept behind the movie is cool.




I’ve seen it, it was pretty cool.

Also, Back to the Future <3



Going to watch toniiight



I swear to god that “NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH” scream is used in every movie. I think it’s a meme amongst directors, to see if they can use it in every movie ever.



Has anyone seen this? whats you review?


I enjoyed it, its based more around the girl than the other planet really, which was a sadface because I would’ve loved the movie to be about another earth so close and shit going down and stuff but I still enjoyed it, it a great BRRip as well, looked great on my 51" tv.

Worth the 650mbs.


sweet, that looks good.

not sure if its been posted, i think its quite old.

very good, i’d say like 9/10 good.


looks good also, need more movies posted like these ^