this one was fucking great.
more in the crouching tiger realm.


loved this one!


I’ve got a fare bit of downloading to do.


I didn’t know what the fuck was happening throughout the whole movie.


Another awesome ninja movie yep


Old film, seen it. So bad. Don’t watch <.<


looks like the book pocahontas in the whole real life of it


Fast and Furious 5 is the last movies i watched. God, its an awesome movie, i must say not to miss this movie. There are not much driving stunts in his movie but the story is fine. Personality of Vin Diesel and Rock is stunning. The best part of the movie is when they are taking the locker through streets and police were chasing.


This guys onto something here.


*on something


Ok, finally got around fixing the tag on this thread.
As Jew requested :slight_smile:

(Fixed a few other main threads too)


I did? lol


Maybe it was FireTruck, idk
I’m getting too old for this


Yeah, I think it was me.


I hear that Harry Potter is a good movies


Useless mofo’s!! why you not recommend more decent movies?




I watched “Topgun” last night for the first time. I actually enjoyed it.


Fright Night is surprisingly funny
Immortals was cool
Merantau was awesome


I watched “The quiet” last night. Camilla belle is sooo sexy!