A prequel to the original Alien film back in 1979 0.o


Fuck yeah! This the hobbit and dark-night rising.


Prometheus <3

Also this looks farking sweet.


^ woah


The Guard was a good Movie. Watched that last night.

Got Homeland and Once Upon a Time TV seiries downloaded
both Scored over an 8 on IMDB

and Got Killer Elite to watch
Trailer looked good & alot of big names


I had seen to many Hollywood movies. mostly love to watch horror movies. The unborn is my favorite movie because it is full of thrill and all the danger. and my other favorite Hollywood movies are listed belove.

Day and knight
Alien vs predator
social network
The Italian job





Holy shit wat



Just watched this. It’s so good. Sundance Film Fest ftw.


Fresh off the internet.


Oh man, so exiiite.



mmm, some interesting movies.
cant wait for Prometheus!



anyone know some good movies that are out with decent rips?


Watched this last night, would recommend - was worth a watch. God quality on revTT for ya sui :wink:


arghhhh saw that a few weeks ago.

fucking good movie! :smiley:


Watches 21jumpstreet the other day, fucking hilllllarious.