I’ve recently been telling everyone to check this out. It’s pretty bad ass, If you like thrillers/horror/scifi, you’ll love this


“The Divide”


Watched “Loosies” last night, romance for the woman, violence for the man



Daaamn I wanna see Ted.


Watched this last night. boy, was it ever incredibly fucked up.


yeah, I should have typed, “if you’re into psychotic movies this would be the one”


Watching it atm, kinda reminds me of the movie The Experiment.


So The Avengers was fucking cool.

Went to the midnight screening last night.

Them visual effects, that 3D animation.


Recently watched some old movies.
Haywire: 2/10
Paranormal Activity 3: 3/10
Underworld: Awakening: 2/10
Contraband: 6/10

When the fuck does IronSky come out >_<!


Lou reckons that movie is terrifying. I think I might DL it so we can watch it tonight :smiley:


It had a few moments that were scary.
But overall, it was pretty bad.
Maybe if I watched it alone in the dark it would of had a better effect.


Do not watch it high. Shit.


That’s what I did last night. Total bore, pretty unimpressed.


grabbing ‘the chronicle’ atm for my bro.
might watch tonight.


20min in, cant continue, feel sick as.


Chronicle, 6/10

Anyone seen Red Tails or Brake?


Point Blank
Real Steel
The Inbetweeners Movie


So I just saw Avengers and Battleship, liked both if them, it was pretty exciting and interesting to watch. Avengers turned out to be way better than I expected, I thought it would be another average action movie but it was really really cool.

typing test


Are you by chance a cop


The Grey, 8/10.

This looks good!: