Saw that trailer aye, looks mean!

I watched the first 10 minutes of The Grey the other month and found it boring is fuck, maybe ill give it another go soon.


Naru, got to give it some time, its def worth the watch imo!


Can someone find me some rapidshare links that aren’t dead for this movie?


Fuck ye Gangster Squad looks badass.


Anyone checked this out

Any good?


That movie was great.

Wish there were more good parties in NZ


Get the Gringo, 3/10


Great movie


Just watched Prometheus.

Holy fucking wow.
Ridley Scott really outdid himself.

The cinematography, score, acting is ace. Most impressive is the visuals man wow.
Still in awe.
Go watch it.



OH BTW, saw some ‘recent’? movies.
Project X… a lot of boobs n ass, movie itself: 1/10
21 Jump Street, 6/10, quite funny in the right ‘mood’.
Iron Sky, 8/10, its a piss take, fuckin hilarious if you let shit slide.


Watchitasap man no shit.
I’m planning on going to see it again.


Don’t really know what your on about there, agree more with sui.

As for Prometheus, v. good movie. Raised the benchmark for visuals. The realism in some of the scenes was quite something.


Jeff who lives at home, is a good movie.


The Avengers, 2/10, such a bag of dicks.


Quiet something indeed.


Haven’t seen it yet. This is the first bad review I’ve seen. (lol review?)


I can see how, if you use to be really into comics n shit, you’d enjoy it, or some shit.
I heard a few good things about it before seeing it.
But then during the whole movie I had this ‘rofl… really?’ type attitude.
Just seemed like, it was trying too hard to be a cheesey but ‘cool’ movie.
Too much Robert Downey Jr lol.


Dead Season sucked, watch it if you’re into making fun of acting/effects


Not enough Hulk


Pretty cool list and a well done video, go watch those movies if you haven’t. (Few spoilers in the videos)

Should make a kiejr top movie list!