Should make a kiejr top movie list!



That’s a pretty good compilation, although they’re missing some amazing older movies.
Good list of modern ones, with a few older ones.

Movies like Metropolis, M, Once Upon A Time In The West and Citizen Kane were fucking classics. Did it have 2001 A Space Odysee in that compilation? Cause that movie wow.



Fuck yes. Fritz Lang ftmfw


Katie I’m surprise and impressed!

Just got back from the Film Festival screening of V/H/S
Fuck, it’s on a whole new level of horror… It’s so brutal and in your face and real, still in a state of shock and awe.
Apparently in another screening, someone passed out, this doesn’t surprise me from this film…


Suprised? offended.

Arghbdbfgshd want to seeeeee


Eh horrors, Ill probs cry.



The Lorax was boring (for an animated movie) Chuckled a few times eeehhhh


Kieren should add a part to Kiejr like reddit where you can put forward names of movies and if they are upvoted or downvoted they move up/down the list and we will have the top kiejr movies.


I want to see Moonrise Kingdom ^^
Anyone seen eet?




Late to the party I know…

Hunger Games: 0/10



Well I’m glad I haven’t seen it. So I’m really late. No point going now.


Seriously, you’re not missing out on anything.
As long as you’ve seen Battle Royale, you’re good.


Is that a trick question
Love Battle Royal, it’s a must see classic man.


I know a few bro’s who have seen Hunger Games(enjoyed it) but haven’t seen Battle Royale.
It saddens me :frowning:


Whaat, that is utter madness wtf.
This saddens me also.




Wow! Keen to see this made into a movie.