Saw The Cabin in The Woods the other night
mindfuck of a movie, pretty lulz





Hit & Run is a pretty good movie


watching Life of Pi, looks good


Did not like Movie 43



i read a little bit about it and didn’t even bother watching.

it was ok, nothing fancy, just Arnold doing his thing, some pretty cool scenes.


i liked this movie as well, it had weed innit.


Some good ones I’d recommend for 2013/2014:

The Book Thief
The Maze Runner
The Rover (odd)
The Way Way Back
The Kings of Summer
The Planet of the Apes (Dawn & Uprising)
Guardians of the Galaxy

Edit: Removed Adult World because @FashionNugget doesn’t like Emma Roberts



I watched The Equalizer (Before going to that party and seeing you Fluffy). It was okay.

Weird complexes in the main character and striking similar artistic choices. Like the main character analysis each scene and times it (why? fucking stupid weird prick) like it’s Red Dead Redemption picking his weapons and kill order. Manages to have super human skills for no apparent reason, like the father in Taken.

The scenes where he kills dudes is pretty bad ass.

Plot was wishy washy. And subplots weird and unnecessary


The Revenant was alright
The Martian is cool
Trumbo was great, Bryan Cranston is awesome
The Hateful Eight is strangely good


Star Wars Episode VII was probably the best movie I’ve seen all of 2015
Mad Max is a very close second. Actually, it’s a tie. 1st equal.
Ridiculous 6 wasn’t very funny :frowning:
Haven’t seen The Hateful 8 yet, but I liked all his other movies so it should be good. No expectations though.


Knight of Cups (Christian Bale, Natalie Portman) sucks. Would not recommend. Too artsy, snoozefest.


Trainwreck, worst movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life, made it about 3/4 of the way through and was being that asshole who bitched the entire time (luckily I was at home watching it and didn’t pay for that shit)


Holy shit The Revenant…

Amazing film, so many beautiful shots, camera work is farking impressive. Colour, sound design, art department. Astounding.

SO many moments you’re like “omfggg”… Super intense scenes. Go watch it


Okay heres a list of films I wanna smash through.
Posting as a reminder.

Anyone seen some of these though ?


Oh my god I just saw this last night, I seriously consider it one of the best movies I’ve ever experienced in my life, I’ve never heard a cinema so quiet, even when the credits started rolling.
Those scenes where it is dead silent apart from the trees creaking… like every detail was a huge thumbs up (y)


Watched ‘Why Him?’ the other night, because it had Bryan Cranston and James Franco
Was disappointed, shit humour.

Just about to watch Split:


Really enjoyed it, well worth watching.