Logan was amazin. Hope it redfines a lot of the X-Men (mutant) films.

Pretty keen on Ghost In A Shell regardless of all what has happened.

Anyone else keen on it? or seen it yet?


Looking forward to it!


The revenant was one of the best looking films I’ve ever seen.

As for new stuff, can’t really think of anything that stands out. So I’ll suggest an oldie, Lawrence of Arabia.
If you haven’t seen it, then you should def reconsider your life goals.


Incredible film man. They shot the entire thing in natural light on set. aka no big fake lights.
Which by it’s own right makes it that much more impressive.

One of the GOAT


Just watched Brimstone

Depressing as… hell :grin:
Although it does have Jon Snow in it.
Bit of a sad movie, was well done though.


Man, I just watched the latest Thor trailer
and then remembered that I’ve never watched the others lol

Looks like im going to be going through the marvel movies.



They’re cool. Thors is neat. Every one has something different and cool to offer. They’re getting better and better too.


Have been getting through them slowly

Speaking of which, I enjoyed Guardians of The Galaxy 2


Yup saw Guardians 2 last night and it was a fun movie. Maybe I like the first one better? Personal fav of all the the MCU movies has to be Captain America: Winter Soldier cos Bucky is the best character in the entire franchise.


Guardians 2 was awesome.
A lot more serious than the first… The fucking end scene broke me.
Think a lot of people liked the first more, probably because it was somethin fresh and new.

“I’m Mary Poppins yall!!!”

Winter Soldier/Civil War is still probs the GOAT for sure.
Bucky’s the best, great dynamic with him and Cap and the whole blurred lines of good and evil




For a horror/thriller I really enjoyed this


Good modern day remake, enjoyed it


Might have to wait for the dvd of that to come out since I don’t want to devastate the New Zeaalnd film industry by pirating it.

Saw Wonder Woman and I liked it. That’s something I can’t say about the last two DC movies because they were absolute shite. BvS was shite. Suicide Squad was shite.
Nitpicking here but I was kind of put off by some of the pacing in Wonder Woman. The sailing to London bit and then the train ride to the front lines took about 5 seconds. I dunno.
It was either Wonder Woman or The Mummy and I don’t wanna see another Tom Cruise movie until at least 2018.

Hurry up Star Wars


Will probs see it soon, a lot of people are saying it’s good.

Watched Okja the other night, it was allg eh


Heard Okja was feelsy!
Might give it a watch tonight :smiley:

Really wanna see this, Edgar Wright makes neat films (Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz)


That does look good!

I finally got around to watching The Witch last night, and it was weird as fuck, and pretty slow most of the way through.
It gives you a bit of a weird feeling after, but it wasn’t a hit for us.



This movie was really good. Didn’t let my bias effect my viewing. And the black chick was soooooooo thicc oh my!

Gonna watch Kingsman again at some stage before Kingsman 2 comes out.

Spoilers in the Summary below


Keen to see Glass. Have to watch Unbreakable again.