Going to give this a watch later


what a Hal thing to do lol



Took 30 years to make, I might check it out.


Enjoyed Baby Driver, good movie


IT was really good. Fav character was Richie and the gazebo kid. Only one part got me but it was a jump scare anyways. CGI made some parts seem less scary.


Cool! Looking forward to seeing it.


Saw the longer version of Thor 3 and thought the trailer made it look shiet. Keen on Baby Driver and Blade Runner. Fuck watching IT again


I’m looking forward to Thor. Not a mega fan of Marvel, but Taika Waititi movies are always good.
Finally got around to watching No Country For Old Men - have been meaning to for a long time. Great movie!



Such a heavy film. It’ll take me a week to unpack all my thoughts and feelings on it and I honestly feel like I could write a 60k word dissertation on the visual narrative and story telling of it all.

And the sound, man…

It’s a great homage and sequel to the cult classic. I feel like this film will be the timeless classic of our generation.


Keen to see this just for the sake of seeing it. Still gotta watch Baby Driver and Blade Runner.


Went and saw Thor 3 last night and it was fuckin goooood. The whole cinema was pissing themselves. Good action/comedy movie.


Looking forward to it, may have to go to the movies for this one


ayyy, actually went and saw it tonight. It was great.

Gotta love that NZ humour that was dotted throughout it, and I enjoyed the dialogue a lot more than previous movies where I felt it was more strung-out.


Did they even have a script lol



^ This is great for finding good movies you haven’t seen yet.


I’m going through watching a whole lot of old movies that I haven’t seen but have been meaning to.

True Romance :ok_hand:

Great movie, has quite a few famous faces through it.
Written by Quentin Tarantino.



Enjoyed it, explains a fair bit about the others.