Mr Robot


yes, no, yes?


Looks interesting will have to give it a go and see if it lives up to the trailer.


Been watching it, is really good.


[spoiler]Is he real? Is he not real?!!![/spoiler]


Keen to watch this… How many eps out so far? Need something to watch in between Silicon Valley n shiez.

That actor is a pretty cool guy too and doesn’t afraid of anything


Watched a bit of this at Charlotte’s house on the weekend. Fuck it looks good, might have to download it…


Okay this shittt is crazyyy. I’m loving it.

Hope people continue to spiral into evil. I love the dark themes and dark vibes ~


looks gaaaangsta af. but is it on Netflix?


Okay okay okay…

[spoiler] I was not fucking ready for Episode 8… WHAT ELSE IS A LIE, I love how this show is now making me question what is reality, much like Elliot.[/spoiler]


That last episode. Wow, shit’s getting deep.



Dat e-corp church scene and shot. SO GOOD. Long shots if dont right look great, such as that. Loving the illuminating vibes


Is there a full season 1 available for d0Wn|_()4D yet somewhere/anywhere? Been looking on P1r47e |3aY but there’s only single episodes.

EDIT: I found one. 720p (but really)


Just finished episode 1 and goddaaammmn this is gonna be a good show. I think I might space the eps out. Don’t really wanna binge watch it because then I’ll forget some parts.


Enjoy! :smiley:


Episode 5 finished! This shit is getting so intense. So tempting to just binge watch the rest of it but I watched 4 episodes tonight and that’s heaps to process.
I couldn’t understand why they had to make Darlene such a fuckin dumb cunt, maybe it was just for the story/drama sake.
Most of the stuff Christian Slater says is pretty corny, always got that book and shit like he’s following the pirate code.

I want from 00:25 onward as a ringtone


[size=xx-large]HOLY FUUUUUUUCCCKKKK[/size]

Just finished episode 8 and GODDD DAAAAMMMMNNNN the wannabe cto guys WIFE keeps getting hotter and hotter with each episode. They’re both crazy tho

[spoiler] Christian Slater is his dad and Darlene is his sister WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING! Everything weird at the beginning of the episode made sense at the end. I forget what the guy with the hot Scandinavian wifes name is, the guy who wants to be CTO. What the fuck is his deal? How come Angela never mentioned Darlene to Elliot? Maybe something to do with the “only paying attention to the important parts” thing? FOURTH WALL HAS BEEN BROKENNNNN[/spoiler]

What a great show maaaayn.


See this is why we were trying to get you to watch it :stuck_out_tongue:


The Dad part tied in nicely to the rest of it, was glad how well it was put together


Just watched Episode 9 and 10 and it’s done. What a trip. BRAVO

I like how the season finale mimic’d the first episode kind of, sort of. [spoiler]First episode was a shot of some shady higher up dudes the 1% of the 1%, then it had Elliot monologue-ing about the world in his mind, him questioning what was real/fake. Then the final episode of him accepting what is real/fake, “Mr Robot” monologue-ing about the world in his mind, then it finishes with a shot of some shady higher up guys. Who was at the door tho? I hope it’s Tyrrell and they didn’t actually kill him and they team up and HACK THE GALAXY, it could be Tyrrells 10/10 smokin hot wife god-daaammmnnnn. ffs why leave on a cliffhanger like that. WHO IS AT THE DOOOOOOOOOR[/spoiler]

I’m glad I binge watched it (kinda) because now I can go back and re-watch it and look out for any foreshadowing and shit like that.

[spoiler]joanna is hot[/spoiler]