Path Of Exile General


Just started playing.


Made a Marauder because I’m a murry. Any particular build/style that is favorable for leveling etc? Just basic stuff.
Obviously gonna go to the subreddit for more in depth stuff when I get a general grasp. But for now would be cool to hear the streamlined business from people here that play.

What do you guys play?
What should I do, expect and play towards to make the most out of this game. Cause it looks fun and pretty.

PS I want cool glowy shit like wings and armor and stuff because that’s what is drawing me in the most.


I’m still figuring out what sort of build I want to play at the moment. Dual flame totems is pretty popular right now. In the past I’ve enjoyed cyclone builds, as well as playing a crit ice shot. It’s up to you really if you want to experiment a bit (which can be really fun), but I would recommend at least making one that you know’s already viable. The lists in the forums are pretty good for finding ones/referencing them:


As you probably know by now, the builds are built around the skills and the classes just provide ideal starting positions on the tree for getting nodes. To have a viable build that can survive late game you have to focus on having health (or/and Energy Shield). As well as your evasion/armour and resistances - which you’ll get a lot from gear.

After quests and getting quest rewards, the vendor in towns (that sells flasks and jewellery) also sells SkillGems. There’s a list of them here. is your friend, and will provide loads of information on skills, quests, anything really.

Ziggy D’s Quick Start Guide is a really good place to get going too: Playlist here

As well as r/pathofexile’s new player guide:

Then if you have any other questions hit me up on teamspeak or something, and there’s usually a few other people who can offer helpful info.
Add me in-game, name is Figurine


Sweet. This is awesome, thanks Fluff. Exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

This will help heaps. Got chatting with a friend who is quite into it, gone down the the road to a cyclone build. Just so i can get the game mechanics down for now.


What’s people’s deets too? I’ll add them, social gaming is best gaming right?

Have you guys got a Kiejr guild or anything?


@SunburnSlap 's on here. Idk who else is playing from Kiejr. It’s a good time for more to get into it.
Have made a Kiejr guild now :smiley:

It will have sweet fuck all on it because I’m on a new char in warbands.


Yas, lets do it.


Shoulda stuck wit dis shit two years ago. Rip



Now’s a great time to get into it.
Will get you prepared for the 3.0.0 patch:


"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


Good place to pick a build:


If anyone’s interested in the work I do there, an interview got posted :grin:



3.0.0 HYPE


Wooo beta for xbox
it runs goooood

A lot of work went into making it feel right for Xbox, so the feedback on how it goes will be interesting to see.


This Abyss league is one of the best leagues so far I think.
If you’re going to play, now is a good time.

Molten Strike + Abyssal Cry
so kino



Pls post resources to ease me into this game. I kinda wanna try again. Friendly reminder. Need something I can play whenever I want type thing. Since I work too much


3 days in. Im fucking addicted.

Doing a sunder build. So much fun. Such a great game, took me 6 dam years.
This is a game I can keep playing I think. So much to try and builds to explore


You’ve picked up on it fast! (finally)
Glad you’re enjoying it, and we’re getting a chance to jam it together :smiley:


Still an addict.
Tec Jugg fun. 3.3k health and like 8k dps?
im a noob, pls critique @Fluffy

fixed link