Post yourself


Paint that bad boy up.


black and white trend?


B&W is beast.


I’m not good enough to do B&W, maybe just overly saturated?


pic ==

bahah qt


also it’s 10:30 AM and I’ve been up since yesterday, sup.


Oo, fancy. What are you getting all dressed up for?


I had to go to a client’s house for a tech call, and I had an interview ;x which is why I didn’t go to sleep. I wouldn’t have wanted to wake up early as fuu


Have you got tunnels?

+536 points if you do.


yeah 1/2 inch <3


+536 points


hah. do you have them also?


Nope. Don’t have any piercings anymoar.

Been thinking about stretching for a while though now.


Ah… yeah mine have been this size since I was like 17 so I’m just used to them at this point. I go in and out of phases with a lot of other piercings. :]


Me on friends banshee.
need to find pics from the downhill


Haha nice Matt.
Looking good.

Have to come film you some time.


That’d be sick. this is a tiny jump to what I usually do now.
I should be back on my bike this weekend if my shoulder is fully healed :smiley:


Me on my shirt


Remember Sean.

Glamour Kills.

65/365 by TheMonoChroma, on Flickr


Took a trolley home.