Stranger Things 2!


aw yisssss October 27, 2017
If you haven’t seen the first season yet, you should get on it.



Oh fuck so good, I got mad hype from that.

Can’t wait!


Season 2 is is out!!!~


Totally binged it all in a day while hungover. Great season :open_mouth:


It was sooo goood.

Fav character was Billy


Started Season 1 about a couple weeks ago? Spread it out over a week. Waited a few days before starting Season 2. Started Season 2 and accidentally smashed it all in one day. It was like a black hole.

Best thing I’ve watched since you guys recommended Mr Robot. No other show comes close. It’s making it’s way to the top of my goat list. As more seasons come out it will most likely take the top spot which is currently being held by Dragon Ball Z and that’s been there since primary school. I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

So many questions my dudes. When is Charles Xavier gonna contact 11? Is she a Jedi? Is Brenner alive? Is it really Fabergé?

I should mention something about movie magic, or magic moments or the magic of movies or something. I can’t quite put my finger on it but something just seems so perfect about Stranger Things.

ftfy :smiley:


It was really good ay. Left a good feeling with me watching it, I hope it sets a precedent for other shows to give similar feels.
That fucking side arch with Eleven though, I thought that was so bad.


Holy shit fuck ep7 lmao. I heard shes coming back, which makes sense because theyre setting up the show for it. rekindling and finding other experiments. But zzzz

You nailed it Bradaz. Its so bloody magical.


People were saying be prepared for ep7, its a standalone Eleven episode, be ready etc. Hyped it up and- oh that was shit as. Thought it was gonna be like E08S01 on Mr Robot where Eleven discovers something so fantastic they had to dedicate an entire episode to it. I don’t hate it, but I’m pretty sure it could’ve been the episode where people can say Episode 7 and others would know straight away which season it was from.

I actually hope they bring in more experiments but also hope most of them are dead or something, cos there’s three numbers there wtf.

Also hope the powers all stay under the same umbrella of, like, shit to do with the mind/brain. Maybe one can read minds, place thoughts. Maybe one is like a beacon and whatever they’re thinking/feeling, it spreads to people around them. Maybe one can talk to animals. Maybe one is like The Oracle or like those Pre-cogs in Minority Report fuckkkk mayyyyn

nek minit Eleven finds like 6 more people with powers. “What are we, some kinda Suicide Squad?”

and Jayden Smith says the line. looool fuck that