The Leftovers


Anyone watching it?

@tamasui got me to check it out. I’m 2 episodes in and liking it’s strangeness.
Co-created by one of the writers of Lost - so you know it’s going to be weird as hell


Friend at work raves about this. He’s a huge Lost fan like myself, and it’s the creators of that.

It sounds fucking dark and ruthless tho. Might start watching it for sure. I love weird


I was hard out into LOST as well, Season 2 was the best for me. This looks like it was made really good so I stopped watching the trailer quarter of the way through. Keen aF to watch it. When I find a good quality version of season 1 for d()w|||_04D that isn’t over 20gb It’ll be first on my list since Mr. Robot doesn’t wanna play. There’s a 4gb and 2gb version out there but I really wanna watch it at 720p or higher. CBF downloading each episode mayn. Picky much.


Watch this first



Leftovers is so good, s2 gets so wacky.


Up to S02E05, and rofl @ that Rick Roll. This show’s brilliant.


The Kevin storyline is kind of a tangent from the departures
Will be interesting how it links up (if at all).

Last episode was a full wtf. (President shiz)


For a show that makes you wonder wtf is going on, I enjoyed the ending

gonna miss the confusion


Great ending. Incredible show.

The characters, the plots. Everything about it was just sooo dam intriguing…

Carrie Coon and Justin Theroux deserve awards tbh.

Will definitely miss this show. One of the best shows that’s ever been made.


Rewatching it cause feeeels. Still bloody crying like every episode.