The Punisher


Is apparently pretty good. Marvel shows have been pretty hit and miss recently, but I think I’ll check it out.


Couldnt be worse than Iron Fist. Also heard this is pretty good. Lucky was saying he liked it and he’s rather critical when it comes to anything like this.


MINOR SPOILERS: Just finished episode 7 and so far it’s boring as fuuuuuck. Worser than Iron Fist. Maybe I hyped it up too much. So far lot of focus on war PTSD and soldiers in rehab dealing with things they saw and did overseas, which I thought was boring. Don’t care about some random soldiers who are feeling some kind of animosity towards the things they’ve seen and done. I wanted to see The Punisher killing everyone in the city, instead I got “Soldiers are people too and we have feelings too because of reasons”.
First few episodes have recurring dreams/flashbacks for exposition.
There are absolutely no characters I care about apart from Frank, Hackerman and Karen Page who is relly only there to remind us how great The Punisher was in Daredevil compared to how boring he is in his own series.
Again, boring as fuck so far but I’ll watch the whole thing through to the end because I’m an asshole and wanted to see it so bad. Nek time I’ll remind myself, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.


Ah fuck, that sucks to hear. I might try a little just to see what it’s like - but now I won’t hold my breathe.


I probably made it sound like shite. Just finished ep8 and it’s really not that bad. Just not on the level of Daredevil. Should prob stop comparing it to that. But it apparently gets way better towards the end. Here’s hoping.