What didn't make your day today?




Bob Dylan’s concert, disappointing as.


Shit shit shiiiiiit night. Though the music was quite nice.



I was expecting some amazing.

Also jealous


I guess some people liked it but I found it pretty average. He played songs which weren’t really well known instead of his famous songs, sadly. The opening act was Tim Finn which I didn’t really like.


D: Tim Finn is legend…


had a hangover today. threw up while watching my dad mow the lawn because a piece of grass somehow got in my mouth. it was a weird day.


Pretty much stayed on/in my bed watching cartoons (rocket power fuck yeah) and movies, and playing on my ds all day. Thought it would make me feel better but I feel like I wasted a day =/


I edited Kiejr and drank lots of Hot Chocolate
And the calls were easy

got to see my dad, little sister and brother


What made your day today? [0day]

Oh woops, I posted that in the wrong thread… uhh, my bad.
Didn’t make my day missing some people… hmm


Hahaha oh god that’s funny.



Longboard got stolen. :’(


Heard about that, that’s damn bollocks son.


Sucks so hard, no more skating to school, no more skating from A to B. :frowning: but imma get new one so its algee, should only cost like 600 - 700 dollars. :frowning:




Spending my day off home alone and bored :confused:


net cafe i reckon


hahaha, don’t you wish you were at work!
PS: I wish I had free time, lucky I have 4 days off.


I was thinking library.

And no, it’s definitely better than work.


Shoulda gone to the library! I was gonna give you a ride and then we’d go out for supper afterwards :confused: