What didn't make your day today?


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Where does this little FashionNugget live? Someone needs to introduce him irl, to like, everyone kay?[/quote]

We’ll kidnap him sometime.


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Who would want him?


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But srsly, kidnap the boy plz

What didn’t make my day though? Farkin neopets is being a gay




ran out of smoke :frowning:


some girl i used to date got a new bif, shouldnt make me sad but it does :frowning:


Being broke is shit when you’re going out the next night (COME GET TEAPOTS GUISE), then going away the day after.


Not being able to see the lady on her bday
Fucking bitch taking MY SPOT at work. slut.
Just a lame day tbh


Taking the girls out to fergs last night, felt like an uber pimp haha


And I get the make my day and didnt make my day threads mixed up, that didnt make my day :frowning:


Hah me tooo :stuck_out_tongue:

What did and also didn’t make my day was selling my car this morning. For like, $900 less than I paid for it. YAY


I lost power for a week and I had no internet or the ability to use the home phone for 2 weeks after that.
Lost water for around a week.
My backyard turned into a lake which was bubbling everywhere because of broken pipes.
I live in a house with 4 others, one being just over 1 year old.
You maybe fine in that already shit hole Rangiora/goon but over here in the east side of the city it’s a whole different story, this is your city just as much as mine and you’re acting completely out of line. I have to move house because we’re in the red zone, ive been here 13 years.

I am aware this means jack shit to you and I could very well be wasting my time writing this but I feel I should say it.


I shed a tear


but nah seriously, sucks to be you, but your life is almost completely irrelevant to mine, and I’m sure you don’t care whether you have support from some online kid or not, and that’s the reasoning behind my previous posts

hurr durr insult the place where other people live because you don’t live there


There’s a bit of a difference between having support and having some kid saying he hopes you die.
You’re probably right about him not caring if you do support him, but I’d have been surprised if he didn’t say anything to anyone wishing him worse.

I know you’re pretty much always trolling, but you just opened yourself up to criticism… don’t try justify it now.


I wasn’t being serious at all when I said that I hoped he dies… Although now, considering the circumstances (which of course I didn’t know of at the time) I can see that it wasn’t a very appropriate comment.

BlinK, I’m sure you’re a very wonderful person and I’m sorry about any previous comments about you, I just want to let you know that I’ll always be there for you if you need a helping hand.


I feel like I just watched an episode of Rugrats all grown up, and then wondered about when I stopped watching the original Rugrats.


I could even say it’s almost as bad as Aranui :X
come on, goon is full of the most drop kick fucktards in this city, it’s just scum after scum out there, of course that is just generalization of the entire area because of stereotyping, im sure there are some great people out there as well, you could very well be one of them… behind your trolls im sure you can be a good person.

I never thought you were being full on serious and could see it was just a troll post but to me you stepped over the line considering things for me are really hard because of these quakes, I understand you wouldn’t have known that but I felt the need to say it, as did others it seems from previous posts, you’re pushing it with your trolling when you wish death apon someone, especially someone like me who has lost family and friends in the February quake.

And thank you for the apology, I do accept it, even if you dont mean it, it’s great that you said it.
But I dont think ill be needing a helping hand lol, thanks anyway.

Anyway, lets move on shall we :slight_smile:


Moooving on…

doo doo doo

-One of my lip piercings has randomly swollen up and now I look like someone punched me real hard =/


Ouch, rinse with salty water. Like reeallly salty. Otherwise it’ll go septic and it’ll eat your brain (and gain your knowledge)