What didn't make your day today?



Best childhood friend that i grew up with from wen i was in the states was shot today as he bought groceries from his local supermarket. I havent heard anything else but apparently there wasn’t anything as such to make the police think the shooter was in any way aggravated by him :frowning:


shiiit where does he live?


I do/have been, love dat sea salt rinse. Went to see mah man, and he put in a longer bar (lol had to make one, 12mm too short still the fuck) so hopefully it goes down soooon. The other side’s all g still, think I must’ve done something to it in my sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

ooh shot, that sucks >.>



You’re from the US?


Watch it all.


Yea was born in Walnut Creek, California.


Computer dying, well just psu actually but lent all my money to my sister and can’t go buy a new one till she pays me back. :frowning:


Just had a lady who couldn’t find ‘All Programs’ in the start menu. No joke


I must get at least one of those a day…
Ever had one who can’t find the “Star button”?


Lol not yet.

Been at work for 2 hours and taken more calls then people who have been here for 7.5 hours. I should get paid 3 times as much as them I reckon


Get into training or start making some guides (more than once I’ve felt compelled to create a troubleshooting guide with drop down boxes)…
You make something like that, and make sure someone sees you using it and then you’ll get mad props if you allow others to use it.


Yeah, done that a couple times. Had them sent out to the whole call center and the call center manager said it was sweet. Also did an informative guide on zero touch provisioning and when it goes wrong/how to fix it. Going to be doing some SSP (self service portal to Chorus) training for the graveyard shift guys next week and gonna do some work on Vodafone’s knowledgebase sometime soon too.

Just cbf dealing with cunstomers anymore


Oop, yes… I’m aware of SSP. And I think that draws the line on us being able to talk any further about stuff.
Love.dat corporate industry~


Just heard a massive fat chick say she’s wearing her fat pants today. Bitch you wear your fat pants eeeveryday.


Sore stomach, ate too much last night :sick: I wanna eat the noodles in the kitchen, but I’m not hungry. Just hungus.


unfuckinggrateful cuntstomer. Fucker, I just gave you $426 worth of credit just because you said you spoke with a manager. Noone logged any notes saying they spoke with you so I don’t need to do this. Fucker.



we have some long queues today, and it’s Saturday.
And the weather’s nice.



OW FUCK dam kitty is too affectionate. Those are claws, not little love spikes


Amen to that.
My cat’s getting old, and doesn’t retract them when she hugs my face