What didn't make your day today?


My cat is 17. He does the same thing. He also enjoys sitting on me and cleaning himself for an hour straight. Not exactly comfortable.


I hate it when I come to check on my posts and I see that they’ve been deleted. :frowning:


Wasting my entire sunday because I drank too many margaritas the night before. I’m beginning to hate alcohol




Scumbag Blink
Asks if we’re Jelly about snow then posts saying that it didn’t make his day!


snow isn’t that amazing.


this thread is repetitive, bland and somewhat bores me.
so I’m gonna fire a random, spontaneous EYE TEST at ya’s! liek wtfff?!

Find the lower-case i.


Find the letter M.


Find the fault.




Bahaha, and I thought this was a what did make your day thread :s
But hey, it was cold I guess.


My daddy in my hometown getting snow but not meeeee.
Idc though, snow makes your feet wet. Ew.


[/color][quote=“lavalamp, post:230, topic:1256”]
snow makes your feet wet


[quote=“Punk, post:231, topic:1256”]


Apparently it’s gonna snow in Auckland but i highly doubt it’s gonna happen.




When some of the snow turns to slush and you’ve now got soaked feet. Again.

Time to stay inside till tomorrow.


Broke bong :frowning: now im outa a smoking utensil apart from le pipe ohwel. maybe its a sign to quit…lol fuck that :smiley:


8pm and still hungover :slight_smile:

EDIT: :frowning:


Just read a facebook status.

Derp Tard
fk what a mean day! hopefully start of summer!”

Not sure if trolling. Or just retarded.


Its spelt “Tizard”, just a correction there.


Was motivated.
Not motivated

Need to make a website but too demotivated

No motivation sucks