What didn't make your day today?



Fuck Auckland seriously.


^ lol.
I’m semi jealous of all my old welly buddies posting pics of the snow, but then I remember snow-feet sucks so I’m not.





It does when you have to walk 1 hour plus just to get to some where with food and get back :frowning:

Snow in CHCH starting to happen, again, not sure if keen.


Laptop is slow as. Gonna copy all the files over to my external, format and install windows XP. yay.


a billion hours later and I’m back


Religious nutters in my theology gen Ed tutorial, holay shit how can anyone know the bible THIS well. I want to go home. I don’t even know what were on about.


Theology for gen ed. Nice choice.


Bible in pop culture, fuck yeah.
It was the only one that would fit into my degree and timetable. Sigh.


Headache all day. fucking ouch


No snow.


Come down here, we’ve got heaaaps :smiley:


post holiday depression hit me hard on my first day back at work

Sigh… I miss Canadia land

And Tim Hortons. Holy shit


Realising I had like 1000 sneaky paper cuts on my fingers while cutting lemons. Ouch. Damn you, office job.


laptop started turning off every 30 seconds. fml


Poor student is poor.

#first world problems




lol internet or mobile?


Mobile :frowning:


ah can’t help much there :confused: