What didn't make your day today?


anticlimatic sadface



Being depressed about no Job/Income

Not able to do HoN or GF :wink:


My kitty died D=
Poor old thang.

Also poor, but I’m about to buy gaaame so soon I will feel bad. yay.


^ aw


I caught the wrong bus today, 45min walk from the stop I hopped off at
(In my defense, a bus driver told me to hop on the wrong bus)


Air MAG Nikes selling for literally over $9,000

Fuck everything


These are selling now… (from back to the future)



You know that’s what I was talking about right?


I dont get peoples obsession with most of Nikes shoes? They’re ugly as fuck and cost a shitload, I wouldnt be caught dead in something like that.
My DC’s are just all out black and they do their job well.


Id buy them just for this guy man he was some in great movies back in the day


Its great its for his charity but other than that money would be better spent on hookers and blow.


what is this… i dont eve-

so much wat


i don’t think he Micheal J. Fox would really do that i mean back in the past maybe but not now.


The only reason sneakheads want them is because they were in the movie and there are limited stock - All money raised from the initial sales (not people selling them off after they buy them for a profit) goes to M J F’s charity.

99% of nike shoes = big ass ugly shoes.



Yeah yeah you go on and run sir.

I am quite happy wearing normal shoes that wont draw any attention with bold colours and shit.


auckland weather is getting me dooooowwwwnnnn


Finished work and caught the bus home and since the bus doesn’t go all the way to my house I had to long board for 30minutes in the rain. Got really wet. I hate rain :frowning:


Oh, you’re home?


Hi! yes I’m home eating tea be in you room after I’ve finished eating LOLZ