What didn't make your day today?


Nah zoeys asleep, ill be out there soon, got to take the bins out and you can help seeing as you’re already wet.


nope dry as i got changed you can do them :smiley:
I’m doing dishes :frowning:


Sweet as, ill be out when ive done wanking to midgets cutting their wrists.


awesome send me the link when your done :smiley:


I can’t go on tumblr at work because there’s too much explicit content :frowning:


Did I read that right?


fiinaly has 1


The sibling might be moving back in for a while.RAGE


Being poor :frowning:


Logged onto the minecraft server to work on my house, found a sign where my house used to be asking me to make it more creative. cbf rebuilding all of it. Probably won’t go on again for quite some time

Promoting active users fail


Test in 5hr 15 min. Should be studying but instead neopets. Yay.




fucking work fucking bitching and nagging and OMFG I WANT TO BLOW MY BRAINS OUT SHUTUP YOU ENGLISH WHORE.



Settle petal.


I woke up early - WHY?!


Would anyone like to write my 1,500 word essay on a character in the Bible for me? Nope, didn’t think so. NEITHER GODDAMMIT




Moses carried weed across the sinai desert


Moses also hallucinated his communion with good at Mount Sinai while high as shit on magic mushrooms which grow all around the base of the mountain.


Dan Carter ruled out of RWC.