What didn't make your day today?


Lol rugby, I feel like the only one completely uninterested in the world cup, even that whole Daniel Carter thang.
And lol, essay was comparing a character in the bible to how he/she is portrayed in pop culture. Mary Magdalene being a whore etc. YAY.

Also being tired enough to go to bed at like 2 today, and falling asleep a few times already didn’t make my day, sigh.


You’re not alone, I dont give a fuck and everyone wonders why lol - Perhaps because I dont like rugby? derp.


Rugby sucks soccer’s better


^ agreed.


^ you three :smiley:


^you 3 are homos



Also fucking macs.
Shittiest things on the planet.


How does not liking a sport make us homos? :frowning:


I’ve never been a fan, probs never will.
The whole world cup atmosphere and it being held here is kinda cool, but apart from that, meh


eah wata sad fulla




some one stole my taro cards so pissed off :frowning:


Carlos Spencer > Dan Carter
Nick Evans > Dan Carter


whats a dan carter?


A lot of people are cashing in on this atmosphere.
I guess it’s good how happy people are, hope it lasts even after this is over.


A wasp flew in my car today while I was driving to work…



People would be cashing in wherever it was.

  • Went to make my earholes bigger, half of my tapers are gone after a sibling was looking at them. Fuuuck.


Lol wasp.


Gorgeous night, would be awesome to hit up the casion with Lou, Sydney and Lisa… TOO BAD I’M FUCKING SICK, bah


Amish wasps are taking over the world.