What didn't make your day today?


Found out my Mum has bowel cancer, and its on both sides of our family so its likely my brother and I have it too :frowning: not the best start too the week but at least i dont need surgery on my knee :slight_smile:


Woke up with a bit of a sore throat.

Oh shit @Nix
how’s she doing?


Shes okay now just getting on with it eh.


Engine blew up on the Silvia, lots of smoke. Yet to see how serious :frowning: did manage to make it home though.

Less than ideal time to happen


That sucks so bad man… Im sorry.
Keep us updated.
You’ve had no issues like this prior to this happening ey?


BL:( my brakes are whistling like fuck atm, finally getting it sorted next week, need it sorted before I sell it off doe


Oh shiet, you selling the lexus that soon? Remember you said you were gonna. But you’ll miss that jap voice.

Getting wet on the way to work. RIP
This gon be a long day. But im gonna have ramen for lunch, so I got that going for me.
But still wet


Cat pooped in the bean bag.
I think it believes it’s a good place to hide it :frowning:


No work tonight = steam sale friday night = even less money