What didn't make your day today?




Went to sleep at 8pm and I’m now awake at 3.46am. Wut do now?


sick D:


Normally I go to sleep at like 1AM and wake up at 3AM so I just either lay there and think or get up and go on my PC and play some CSS or something then you get bored and tired again then its back to bed.


Should’ve gone for a walk.
Walks in the middle of the night are amazing, everything is so pretty ^^


Especially when it’s raining.

[spoiler]Getting high first multiplies the amazing.[/spoiler]


Walking in the rain <3
As long as my feet stay dry, love it


Faahkk youuu Microsoft! they brought out an update for xboxlive, it downgrades your firmware or patches it. some shit like that. Doesn’t allow you to run backup dvds. no moreee copied games! Fuuuuu. upside: They’re bringing out device where you can store games on a harddrive and play them without the cd. They’re already working on a patch for the update too, i hear. heh


stilllll sick


Chundering after 3 jugs of Tui and 3 $25 teapots from Hangar, fml


Waking up from my friend chundering after too many c9 teapots lawl.
Anticipation, overthinking and neuroticism.

People being shit


What didn’t make my liver’s day/night: red cask wine mixed with coke.




Not having enough time to play Terraria


Fuck today.


Fucking stupid stupid customers. Every. Single. One.


On the left hand side click on Setup Wizard
On the left hand side click on Setup Wizard
On the left hand side click on Setup Wizard
You there?
Yes, on the left hand side click on Setup Wizard
You still there?
Can you hear me?
On the left hand side click on Setup Wizard
That’s not working.
How so?
It’s just not working.
Can you press F5 on your keyboard?
Click where?
No, press F5 on your keyboard.
Nothing is happening.
Okay, can you click refresh?
Can you click refresh on your browser page?
You want me to reboot?
No, click refresh on your computer
Click refresh on your computer browser
Are you there?
Yes, can you hear me?
Yeah, I can. You want me to reboot?


My wireless being all like trololol not gonna work for you, now I am, now I’m not lolol.


I can fix it. You with Vodafone?


Yep >.<