What didn't make your day today?


he da fixit man!



Seems to be okay atm, it’s just being a temperamental hooch


I can call you? And what’s your home pohne number? I’ll find your account


Silly internets.
I’ll pm you mah deets later, gotta go ooout ^^


Actually I can probably fix the internet over the internet (interception).

First things first, what is your modem’s model number? And don’t say ADSL2.
Next, when your internet cuts out does the ADSL (or DSL or Internet) light on your modem go off?
If not the connection issue is the wireless itself (between modem and your lappy).

There are a couple reasons your wireless could be cutting out:
1 - Wireless card on your lappy is dying
2 - Modem is dying
3 - There’s alot of interference in the air on the same frequency that the modem is broadcasting your wireless signal on
4 - Unlikely but your TCP/IP settings for your wireless connection might be mussed. (TCP/IP = computer version of an address)

If you give me the model number of your modem I can give you instructions on how to change the wireless channel (frequency the signal is being broadcast on)


i didn’t get to hang out with a girl because she was busy with school works

it sucks being graduated from school and having nothing to do everyday, maybe i should get a job

lol job


It’s not the internet, just the wireless fucks out, when I get mad and decide to plug it in the net is sweet as. So I’m guessing it’s my router or wireless card. Makes me mad. I’ll find the number in the morning though, peoples are sleeping in there ^.^


Realizing i wasted two hours of studying time derping on Reddit… >.<


Ah yeah, gonna be your wireless card or modem. If you PM me your home phone number I can find your account. If you’re on I can use LogMeIn to move your mouse around and check on your wireless TCP/IP settings. Unlikely they’re causing the problem but might as well check 'em


Final week of semester.
So much to do…




moar earthquakes
hopefully blink dies


Holy shit. You are so fucking annoying. Like that’s it, just annoying.


lol someone wants attention


He’s really not that annoying, but that could just be because I’ve known him for quite a while and I know his little trolling tactics.


EARTHQUAKE UPDATE: Monday 13 June, 8.15pm

Rangiora High School will OPEN as normal on Tuesday 14 June. Our buildings have sustained no damage. Our staffing levels are sufficient to open for instruction. Buses will run at the normal times.



So tired, must finish assignment.


Where does this little FashionNugget live? Someone needs to introduce him irl, to like, everyone kay?

Also what Naru said. But study.
Also finding out shit, so being a QQFGT lawl


Having to explain what ‘Solid’ means, having to guide someone to where the ‘Underscore’ button is on their keyboard as they don’t know what one is, dealing with the stupidest people to ever use the internet


I worked through a migraine today.