What Song Are You Currently Listening To?


love this song.

Pretty sure I posted them on here when I started listening to them.
Great band





rip lil peep :<





das a good tune Fluffy



someone was playing this ALL NIGHT at work from one of the manufacturing rooms.


All night!? It’s a song that you can get some serious work done to… but all fucking night!?




some Jon Hopkins because yess




All night yes. He did switch it up a few times and play Sway by Bic Runga a few times which I thought was a weird match up. We’re not allowed to play music or bring a radio but afternoon/night shift people are a bit more chill when it comes to rules.

Also, there’s a room that has a huge thing that looks like The Bathtub with steps and railings and shit all around it. That was the first time I had been down to that part of the building since I started working here early this year and I thought holy shit thats cool. They were renovating and now there’s new access ways! and the old ones are not to be used any more. Hrmrmrmmrrmmmm

me rn






i think this dude is about to blow up